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September 2018

The best about a Harley is the one who rides it! 


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underprivileged children in Thailand. The society is recognized by the government of Germany. Donations are tax deductible.

A rare breed

Lately in Samut Prakan, a part of Bangkok we stumbled over a motorcycle, which looked a kind of strange...!


Taking a closer look it turned out to be a Janda, a Jawa with a 125cc Honda engine inside. Click into the picture to see more of this beautiful piece of junk.

The Cowbell

Harley has changed every single part of their motorcycles, but one thing never changed. The very

famous horn, also called cowbell can still be found on some of the 2018 big Twins.

Rauchs Café and Bar

rauchs cafe

.....is the place for the those guys, who can't leave their bike home and even ride in steady drizzle. Sure they know what to expect at Rauchs Café: the best coffee in the town of Bremen, Germany.



Picture of the month:


Lots of chrome immaculate condition, Harley Davidson FXDI35 Dyna Super Glide the 35th Anniversary Edition is a beautiful tribute to the FXE 1200 Superglide from 1971, and to the good old days, when roads where almost empty, jobs could be found wherever you wanted to stay for a while, and the price for gas was affordable. You want to see the original? On the eastern outskirts of Columbus, Ohio you will find the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame right next to the Highway 70. Don't miss it, as there is a lot more to look at.



What's in the make?

Find out by yourself! Where? In the squeaky clean Harley-lab of Ironwings in Loxstedt, near Bremerhaven, Northern Germany. It is one of those rare workshops you still can walk in and look around.


Gerhard is always willing to explain his works and surely will give you a hint or two, how to improve the performance of your American Iron.


Roadking 2003

Some images of the last and not anymore available  Roadking made 

in 2003, the 100th anniversary of Harley- Davidson. Today all new Harleys feature even an electronic fuel injection system, besides the electronic ignition. Can you imagine, how does it feel, when just one of these devices fail on the Great Northern Highway in Western Australia? No? You'd better switch to the old style carb, contacts, and the antique auto advance mechanism, or move within the range of a Harley dealer, or just stay at home.

Prepare your bike and yourself..

..when you decide to do a longer trip. Make sure you packed that coleman stove, which runs on unleaded fuel right from the petcock. You want to be sure


that you can do your own coffee in the morning after a soaking rain, or heavy partying. Three meters of florist's wire is a must on every bike. You might have to tie up a broken exhaust pipe, and it does not even have to be yours. There are always some small items, you do not want to miss, like a cork screw, definitely a mandatory tool everywhere in the South of Europe. Besides some braided sheet rope, always comes in handy, and it can be used for your laundry, to secure a tent, and the luggage as well. When riding through hot countries like Thailand, Harleys.de recommends to install an outlet from the battery and keep a 12V cooler box on the luggage rack connected to it. Make sure you've got a decent lock on it.




Quote of the month

God didn't create metal so that man could make paper clips! ~~ Harley-Davidson Ad ~~

It depends on where you are at....

For those, who are cruising or living in the South West of the U.S. there is the


...,which will commence on October 11 to October 14. Lots of shows, contests, rock music and vendors expecting your presence. Go to their website by clicking into the image.

Down here in Thailand, there is the Kon Khae bike week.


This event is worthwhile to visit for all those riders, who can speak Thai, and want to have a good time. And it won't get cold even in October.

...and in the very North of Germany, near Bremerhaven, there is the 20th seasons end


party in Loxstedt offering beer and food in a pig stall, as well as a free campground. Most probable you will see a whole bunch of old iron. Click into the picture to see more.





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