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November 2019

The best about a Harley is the one who rides it! 

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The best thing, which can happen to you...

is, when you are in the situation to create a photo like this one! Then you know, you will be on the road soon, or put

The best thing, which can happen to
it this way: "If you don't go when you want to go, when you do go, you'll find you've gone." (Burt Munro)


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the View Society, which is supporting


children in Thailand. The society is recognized by the government of Germany. Donations are tax deductible.


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Picture of the month:

There she is. The immaculate 1942 Flathead 750cc by Christian Ahrens of Elsfleth, Northern Germany. The bike was imported from Indonesia as a piece of junk more than 20 years ago, and completely rebuilt. It now features a Norton 4-speed gearbox, an old style saddle, a Fat Boy fender, and a Wide  


Glide rear wheel. The pipes are home made and of stainless steel. As Christian does not like to work on his bike during his trips across Europe, he made everything up to perfection. Even the magneto housing has a little hole, for possible condensed water to evaporate. She does not need a battery anyhow, and who will stop him from roaming the lowlands of Northern Germany? Nobody!

One of the best rated Thai Restaurants in Hat Yai

This is for those who like to eat decently and save! This place in the outskirts of Hat Yai is truly something else. Tripadvisor  will give you some information, how to get there, and what to expect. Enjoy their freshly prepared dishes. Here is the map, and here is the menu. Park your sled right in front, and make sure not to drink to much beer! Closed Wednesdays.

The Fish

Click into the picture for a larger image. Today the place looks a little different due to its expansion.


It lasts for one or two days but they call it a week.

On December 8 The Chiang Mai bike week will commence, as always with a lot of booze, ladies and live music. Some nice rides and also bizarre ones can be seen. Chiang Rai lies in the very North of Thailand near the Golden Triangle. Throughout the year there are "Bike Weeks" or "Bike Festivals" in every major town in Thailand.  And if you are still not tired to party your butt off - be there, but make sure you can walk to your hotel or tent and stay for the night.

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Quote of the month:

""Some people will tell you that slow is good, - and it may be, on some days...but I'm here to tell you that fast is better. 
I've always believed this, in spite of the trouble it has caused me. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles ..."    - Hunter S. Thompson

Our favorite road sign

This road sign was found by Chris Wagner on his motorcycle trip to to Mae Hong Son, North of Chiang Mai, close to the Burmese border.


Harleys.de suggests, that this should be the only road sign on country roads.

12 years ago..

...it was on November 30th 2007 when Robert Craig Knievel, better known as Evel Knievel, died. He is the unforgotten hero of the Harley 


world, who surprised us with his fabulous stunts and lifestyle. He inspired positive messages to the motorcycling community, and will always be remembered.  Click here to visit his official site.


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