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August 2018

The best about a Harley is the one who rides it!



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is proud to sponsor the View Society, which is supporting


underprivileged children in Thailand. The society is recognized by the government of Germany. Donations are tax deductible.

The Cowbell

Harley has changed every single part of their motorcycles, but one thing never changed. The very


famous horn, also called cowbell can still be found on the big twins of today.

Rauchs Café and Bar


.....is the place for the those guys, who can't leave their bike home and even ride in steady drizzle. Sure they know what to expect at Rauchs Café: the best coffee in the town of Bremen, Germany.

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Picture of the month


Another eye-catcher by 45' Forever is this flathead. See more works from this wonderful shop in San Jose, CA. They do engines, repairs, and complete restorations for very reasonable prices. Those folks, like 73 old Ray, who works on Harleys for 40 years, are a dwindling species. If you visit them, bring some beer. They do not know nothing about the fine beers we do have available in Germany, but may be it's the better way, when they just stick to Miller light. Then they won't forget, which way to turn the axle nut. See more at http://www.45sforever.com/bikes.html.

Need For Speed?

Autumn is arriving, the last sunny and warm days are coming up. The bike is tuned up to the best of your knowledge and it's time to get the old Shovelhead out on the highway. Warm up the engine and see if the she delivers the same power as ever. While revving her up, you feel the steady boost towards the 100 miles per hour, which she is supposed to exceed. The oscillating indicator of the speedo tells you, that she clocked it already. Time to slow down, test passed successfully.

And as you decelerate, looking for the next exit, you hear the sound of an approaching spitfire. There it is, no it's not a Spitfire, it is..., no...., there  w a s  a motorcycle "cruising" at a speed of 170 mph or more. And as this highway is a public road, it couldn't have been "The Doctor" on his early morning warm up lap.

But who the hell could be that silly to risk his and possibly other lifes by riding that fast? One single piece of wood on the road, one car or truck changing lanes, the driver not seeing, that there is somebody approaching with a speed of 76  meters a second.

The rider won't survive. And we will be seeing more of that coming summer: racing motorcycle riders giving a damn about the safety margin to the vehicle up front, maniacs overtaking, even when the passing lane has not been cleared yet. All this will happen on public roads, and with a strong focus on killing themselves.

So you guys, please relax and take it real easy! Then you will survive! We will drink on that one.


Offroad across Central America

Truly an unforgettable adventure was the trip from La Ceiba, Honduras across Guatemala and Belize with Maya-Tours. Whoever has the chance, go for it!! You won't be disappointed, promised!

fonda Not so Easy - A Motorcycle Safety Film
Lately harleys.de found this on youtube.
A public safety film narrated by Peter Fonda with special guest Evel Knievel, who provide safety tips and guidance for motorcycle riders. Features performance riding by the Los Angeles Police Department. Just click into the picture.

Quote of the month:

"Riding a motorcycle on today's highways, you have to ride in a very defensive manner. You have to be a good rider and you have to have both hands and both feet on the controls at all times.               - Evel Knievel-


Go far faster...

once a slogan of Norton, today the catchword of the producer of this motorcycle. The frame is made out

wooden bike

of the sustainable fever tree or eucalyptus, the engine is not even a Harley-Davidson chain saw. But the time will come, when we all have to ride something like this, with a small electric engine, like the one from a lawnmower, between our legs. No more thumping with your girl on the bitch pad, no more the freedom, you once felt on a roaring Harley. Soon this will be gone forever, and a fairy tale for our grandsons and granddaughters!

Dedication that's all you need..

...and some folks out there, they just have it. They are closely associated with history, but always open for new ideas. They are not swimming with the main stream, but enjoy their individual way of life. One of those guys is living in Haltom City, near Fort Worth, Texas. He is working on Harleys for more than 30 years. He despises the clinical hygiene of those licensed dealers, and their prices usually only being called up in the houses of pleasure. With his friendly attitude and his knowledge, he will convince you to leave your bike there for that little extra service or repair job. You won't be disappointed. He is does a great job, and for a very affordable price. His name is Troy Nicholson and you find him on facebook, just search for Lightning Cycle Works.

Her new home

There she is, now waiting for me in West Virginia. When I come back, I will take her down again to Mexico, to the coastline of Yucatan and to the Pacific in the West.


I know that the current caretaker takes her out once in a while, and keeps her in shape.

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